Hottest Swimwear Colors of Summer 2015

Swimwear trends are constantly changing and developing. Influenced by popular seasonal colors, prints, and last year’s trends swimwear shapes and colors are as varied as the seasons themselves.

For summer 2015, a swimwear color is going to be a major trend, and it is not just a black one! The following are the hottest swimwear colors to try for the season 2015.


Red is an underrepresented color on the beach. More often women looking to attract attention of many people on the beach choose a swimsuit in a bright pattern, and red unfortunately does not get its moment in the sun.

We do not know why this happens, but red is a perfect way to make your summer debut. Look at those gorgeous red sports cars! They attract so much of the people’s attention. If you also want to attract much attention and show off your feminine curves, a red bikini is your new go-to.


Unlike red, blue is very popular amongst women on the beach, and this is not going to change any time soon. Shades of blue are presented everywhere, including the Longitude blue plus size swimwear line.

It is important to know which shade of blue you should wear. Navy, like black, is a great choice for hiding anything you do not want to show off. Brighter blue colors are perfect for showing off a toned body or attracting attention to your sexy feminine curves. If you have a pale skin, choose periwinkle or baby blue to emphasize your natural coloring.


However, white technically is an absence of color, it still looks adorable on the beach! When the sun is shining, nothing attracts more attention than bright white swimwear. Unlike blue, you do not have to choose shades. White swimsuits look fabulous on pretty much every body type and skin color.


Neon is the apparent summer swimsuit trend. Wearing a neon swimsuit is the perfect way to draw attention to your body curves and show off your gorgeous summer tan. If you have fair skin, choose a bright pink swimsuit, and wear a vibrant green one if your skin is darker.

Neon swimwear always screams “summer”! Nothing makes you more nostalgic for a sunny day on the beach than a trendy neon swimdress.

Canary Yellow

This tropical color is beautiful in both large and small doses. Paired with navy blue, white, and red canary yellow will give your swimsuit a bit of nautical appeal. If you wear a canary yellow shortini that features prints in warmer tones like pink, green, or orange, you will get a more exotic feel.

All of these swimwear colors are popular amongst all women on the beach during summer 2015. Pick your favorite color or wear them all when the sun shines brightly! You will be happy to skip a basic black color when all eyes are on your bright swimsuit.