How to Rock in Plus Size Bikinis

plus size swimwear

These are the sunny summer days again and everyone’s is going to have a rest on the beach. Most women are going to flaunt their sexy bodies in skimpy swimsuits. You want to do the same, but you have a dilemma: you are a full-figured. Choosing the ideal swimsuit for plus-sized women can be a scaring task. You have to find a swimsuit that will hide your problem areas and flaunt your sexy curves.

Fortunately, there are swimwear brands that produce plus size swimwear for you. Swimwear is no longer for petite and small women. Every woman can flaunt her body in the sun during the hot summer days. Continue reading to get to know more about how to rock a plus size bikini.

Avoid too much print. Prints will make you look bigger. If you want your bikini to feature a print, make sure that it’s only minimal and will not draw the people’s attention to your problem areas. Choose a bikini with a simple design and print.

Stay on the dark side. Do you know that black is the most slimming color? This is true. There are various beautiful swimsuits that are available in dark colors. Bikinis in black, blue, deep purple, and red will make your body look slimmer. Solid colors take people’s eyes away from your problem areas.

Choose a one-piece suit. A one-piece swimsuit looks better on a full-sized woman. It also hides a torso that is the most common problem area of plus-sized ladies. A one-piece suit is also good at hiding flabs. Pick a swimsuit that features a higher cut to make your hips and thighs look leaner and longer.

Wear support. Full-chest women should wear underwear for bikini as well. Since you are a plus-sized woman, you probably have a fuller bust. To reduce sagging, your bikini top should provide your breasts with full support. Avoid wearing those triangle pieces, as they will not flatter your bust.

If you do not want to draw attention to your chest, avoid wearing a bulky necklace as accessories draw attention. If you want to make your neck look longer, wear dangling earrings. Wear a pair of trendy sunglasses, a hat, and other accessories that will look good on you.

Choose something that fits. Forcing your body to fit into a size 11 if you really are a size 14 is bad for your look. A small swimsuit will be too skimpy and your body will bulge out of it. You will not be able to suck your tummy in the whole time. When shopping for a bikini swimsuit, make sure that it fits you well.

Whatever style and shape of bikinis you wear, make sure that they flatter your body shapes in the right places. Do not force yourself to put on something that does not make you look good. You will end up looking bigger than you really are. If you do not want to wear a two-piece bikini, try a one-piece swimsuit.