Chlorine Resistant! Aquabelle Black High Neck Swimsuit

54.00 $

Chlorine Resistant! Aquabelle Black High Neck Swimsuit

54.00 $





About Aquabelle

Aquabelle Plus Size Swimwear

Swimsuits - how much for the women's heart it has merged in this sound.... Sure, the classic would exactly this way rephrase his famous line, knowing how important is a choice of a good swimsuit model for the modern woman.

After all, beautiful breasts, slim waist, slender legs, a small tummy, full hips, broad shoulders - it's all so easy to emphasize or, on the other hand, if necessary, hide using only one beach attire. And no other element of our wardrobe may not be competed with a swimsuit for brevity and minimize the material used and the maximum effect that can be performed on others with its help.

Our online store of the plus size swimwear 2014 offers a huge selection to the customers. Tiny bikini, original trikini, the models with shorts, tankini, closed sports swimwear, classic conjoint models with high-cut bottom - in such a variety it is not difficult to get lost.

But selecting an appropriate model for the figure you should also determine the correct color scheme that would blend in with the color of hair, eyes, skin tone. Huge selection of swimsuit models, as well as an extremely convenient way to deliver them offers in our store a famous brand of Aquabelle.

Aquabelle Swimsuit Collection 2014

Brand Aquabelle is interested in a wide variety of sports-style swimsuits and tankini. Also you will find Sciortino - swimsuit with free T-shirt shorts or tight fitting cut; impression suit for tennis or running. Skirtini - with top-barrel heats and swimwear dresses for those who like comfort and femininity in one set. Aquabelle swimwear is made of unique fabrics, which provide support and resistant to wear.

In the new summer season 2014 Aquabelle swimwear become popular, as designers offer us to put on models with large "predatory" prints, as well as "marine" suits. No less urgent this summer will be the so-called "classics": black and black and white models, which sit perfectly on almost any figure and that, of course, important, help you to look slim and toned.

Aquabelle designers have created for their admirers in the new season a huge amount of both classic and trendy models in different colors. Suitable model of Aquabelle in a refined color scheme may be chosen also a green-eyed blonde for herself, blue-eyed and brown-haired and dark-faced brunette one. Make sure this is quite simple. One has only to look at the page and start making up a beach bag. The season is open, swimsuits 2014 are already on sale!

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