Delta Burke Pink Kokimo Plus Size Peasant Swimdress

109.00 $ 29.98 $


Delta Burke Pink Kokimo Plus Size Peasant Swimdress

109.00 $ 29.98 $





About Delta Burke

Delta Burke Plus Size Swimwear

If in your summer wardrobe there was no bathing suit of the famous brand Delta Burke yet, know - you are depriving yourself of the three most pleasant sensations that must... not! Just must!

To accompany any fine lady on a holiday in the pool, in the sauna, spa-salon and everywhere, where your body will be exposed and shown. Especially because swimwear by Delta Burke is also created for women with overweight!

Delta Burke Swimwear - is:

1. Comfort! - Complete, absolute, unconditional comfort that give your body swimwear Delta Burke. Whatever you do - in emerald waves lapped lazily reclining on a chaise lounge or play beach volleyball, water aerobics or mastered taking aromatic baths - these handy things strongly promote relaxation and good mood, except for the slightest inconvenience.

Swimsuit Delta Burke, like all the annual collections, are extremely comfortable:

  • Do not hold down movements;
  • Not deformed in the water;
  • Do not force continually to correct cup, panties and straps.

We again predict a runaway success of Delta Burke Swimwear in 2014, and they certainly deserve it by the fact that designers and cutters of the company again managed to create a model sitting on a figure as if you were born in them.

2. The second thing you'll feel wearing Delta Burke swimwear is a feeling of self-attractiveness and 100% beauty. It's worth it, is not it? If confidence can be bought, it certainly can be done only with Delta Burke. Fashion swimwear 2014, offered to buy by our online store, give to every woman this important quality a confidence. Is it because every year fans of the manufacturer are becoming more? Just look for swimwear in 2014, of which there are photos on the site.

3. Finally, the third. How not to take into account our feminine feature? We love things that no one! We like to stand out and be fashionable, we love originality and difference from others. So, swimwear Delta Burke - is an opportunity to be at the peak of beach fashion, and for very reasonable money.

What will Delta Burke delight in the 2014 season with?

Collections 2014 Delta Burke areas always filled with bright colors and very diverse design solutions that is so typical for young designers and positive company.

Swimwear catalog 2014 will provide us with extra fashionable range from turquoise to lush green. Unbelievable, but the collections Delta Burk, drawn up in blue-green saturated colors are for almost everybody: slender young girls and the ladies with appetizing forms and adulthood. So are they, these creative designers - always guess what a woman needs and create truly lovely little things.

Swimwear Summer 2014 will be traditionally presented by Delta Burke in monochrome options and with a variety of prints. Each collection contains multiple models for different types of shapes, which are offered in several colors, plain and decorated with prints. Leitmotif of Delta Burke swimwear in 2014 is very beautiful floral-herbal colors. The company focuses on freshness and harmony with the beauty of nature.

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