Turquoise Ombre Plus Size Long Board Short

29.00 $ 12.98 $


Turquoise Ombre Plus Size Long Board Short

29.00 $ 12.98 $





About s4a

S4a Plus Size Swimwear

Everyone has an opportunity to choose from a huge number of options for the right thing in almost every sphere of life. Not always it is easy to understand the diversity of goods and implement successful purchase.

Swimwear is a special place in every woman's wardrobe. Beachwear tunic firmly established in the everyday life of modern woman and it is hard to imagine a quality vacation without them. Our trendy and reliable store of swimwear and beachwear for girls with magnificent forms at any time of the year is ready to offer exclusive swimwear.

For the attention of fashionistas and girls used to look perfect everywhere and always, world-renowned beachwear brand S4A has provided a swimsuit collection in 2014. Here you may find swimwear almost at every taste - from conservative to restraint overtly sexual. Models of this collection in common - they are all feminine and designed to emphasize the best in the female figure.

Swimwear from S4A is quality materials, harmonious colors and stylish original design. Designers did not ignore such an important detail as a decor. At first glance inconspicuous beads or rings may radically transform the swimsuit and make it the epitome of feminine and masculine fantasy dreams.

This luxurious brand of swimwear and beachwear from the U.S. has deserved recognition among the millions of people worldwide. Tunic or swimsuit from S4A is a true piece of art and represents the most advanced standards of impeccable style and true personality of every overweight lady.

You may get acquainted with the S4A in our online store and with its unique collection. After S4A brand one of the best in the world and offers luxury swimwear and beachwear for the real beauty lover with delicious taste. Each beach tunic swimsuit is filled with a combination of innovative fabrics and bold designs in brilliant performance.

Swimwear and beachwear from S4A has firmly occupied the leading position in the industry and gained a large number of fans throughout the world. Burning passion is presented in every model of the brand. Designer of very finely combines its products and exotic European sophistication that allows to achieve dazzling results.

Ladies know chic brand S4A, which has conquered the hearts of millions with its originality and high quality.

Beachwear and swimwear brand are intended only to give pleasure and get pleasure from each minute of rest. Creative designers with incredible enthusiasm create stunning products. Plus size swimsuit S4A is a welcome purchase for many women.

Brand S4A has become to some extent a classic. Beachwear of this brand is widely distributed throughout the world. In the wardrobe of almost every modern woman it is always found favorite thing by S4A.

Features and swimwear collections S4A

We have to pay your attention on the high quality of the fabric and sew of swimsuits, which is controlled at each stage of production and complies with the highest European standards. When creating their models, designers S4A use synthetic fabric, usually nylon and spandex swimwear from which dries quickly and does not fade in the sun. Years of experience allows it to produce a brand and a decent quality model with excellent fit and fit quite democratic price to unique swimsuits available for women with any income.

The range of swimwear S4A has both open and closed models in various styles: for slim girls, and for the overweight ladies. Swimwear of this brand may be subdivided according to the characteristics of the bra or heats.

Bras may be soft or with bones; with buckles or laces on the back, neck and front; cup bras are met removable, soft, solid and supportive. As to the types of heats, they may be traditional, thongs, shorts, with a low waistline or hip.

If you have difficulty in choosing a swimsuit model, S4A designers are always ready to help and give some valuable tips. It is known that the dark colors in clothing slim us, but if you want to divert the attention, for example, full hips, why not try and separate the fused S4A swimwear with a light or brightly decorated bodice which visually enhances breast and divert attention from the buttocks.

Buying a swimsuit S4A

If you need the original swimsuit model to be visible and look impressive on the beach, swimwear S4A is perfectly suited for this. You may view the collection of the brand and model to choose the best for your figure in our online store, with more affordable prices than regular stores shops. And discounts and promotions to help you with even greater benefits to buy your favorite plus size swimsuit model S4A.

Buy swimsuit in our store

Huge selection of beautiful, branded swimwear of large size of the outstanding manufacturers of the best brands - is what distinguishes us from other online store! Where else you may select a swimsuit made ​​of high quality lycra, presented in all plus sizes, a huge number of colors and prints, and even in different designs:

  • Micro mini swimsuit model presented in section "Swimsuit mini bikini thong";
  • Elegant, feminine swimwear Bandeau from the same section of our catalog of swimwear 2014;
  • Swimsuit model with a narrowed neck of slips behind called bathing suits with "Brazilian cut" at this beach season are bestsellers!
  • One piece swimwear, monokini, which though they cover most of the body, does not make them less sexy and attractive!
  • And finally, swimwear bikini, that otherwise we call swimsuits with classic cut back of slips slightly wider than swimwear with a Brazilian cut.

Total number of swimsuit models presented in our online store, is about 300 all the time updated with new releases! Buy your plus size swimsuit today!

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