Beach Fashion: Bikini Vs One Piece Swimwear

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This summer, many girls are going to face the problem that is the choice of a one piece swimsuit or bikini. Which style suits your body type better? Of course, each style has its pros and cons, and in the end, your choice depends greatly on your personal preferences.

Thankfully, there is nobody on the beach who can injoin you from wearing your swimsuit. Due to the huge amount of available swimsuits, it is good to consider all options before purchasing a certain swimsuit.

Bikinis are obviously the most popular style not only in the media, but also on the beach. You can hardly look at a fashion magazine without a sexy bikini on its cover. The bikini is definitely incredibly hot, as it shows off feminine curves and accentuates woman’s more sensual features.

According to the popular opinion the bikini is the sexiest option, but there are more reasons to wear a bikini beyond being hot! One of these reasons is tan lines! Sunbathing in a one piece swimsuit can leave awkward tan-lines on your body and bikini tan-lines can look very sexy.

One more reason to stick to bikinis is the freedom of movement. When you take part in some beach activities, you want to have as much freedom of movement as possible. The more swimwear, the more weighed down you feel.

Modesty & Beauty

More and wore women started to wear one piece swimsuits saying that this swimwear flatters their feminine curves more than bikinis do. So, if you decide to wear a one piece swimsuit this summer, be sure that you will not be alone.

Socially speaking, some people feel themselves more comfortable wearing one piece swimsuits. They show off less skin, so women do not have to worry about too much attention. Moreover, being covered up can prevent bodies from sunburn.

Full-figured women may prefer one piece swimsuits because they need extra support for some areas and do not want to show off much skin. Swimwear designers made one piece swimsuits to be more sexier by adding deep-V cuts, details, trimmings, and stripes that create fabulous and stylish one-piece beach looks.

The Choice is Yours

Looking for the perfect swimsuit, remember that your choice of swimwear should accentuate your body type and match your personal style. When your clothing does not suit your body, there is a very little chance to enjoy yourself. Instead, choose swimwear that makes you look fantastic.

Do not forget about accessorizing. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bangles, rings, and anklets are accessories that you can safely wear being in the water.