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When you understand that summer will come earlier than you expected (as usual), it is a good time to think what you will wear on the beach. If you are not a skinny lady, which is normal, and do not need to have a reason to shy or to feel yourself uncomfortable, choosing a swimwear is a very important decision.

The most important criteria that you need to note – choosing a good swim wear starts with picking the right size. If you choose that right plus size swimwear, you will probably look slimmer than you actually are.

Wearing swimwear that does not fit you, especially when it is too small, will capture the attention to all bulges, and even make them seem much bigger than they really are. But, if you stop your choice on the plus size model, it will give you an opportunity to look great and enjoy summer.

Plus size swimwear will help ladies who are a little overweight feel comfortable and confident at the beach. Plus size swimwear is not a swimsuit that you have probably seen in your grandmother’s wardrobe when you were a child, so do not afraid to be out of the trend.

This garment may become your favorite clothing item, if you choose it correctly. Moreover, do not forget that plus size swimsuits are designed in all the latest fashions nowadays.

How to Choose Good Plus Size Bathing Swimsuits:

Looking for a nice plus swimsuit is some kind of art. Every woman wants to find a cloth that will accent on their best features hiding the problem areas at the same time.

The best way to buy the best plus size swimwear is to look something according to your body type.

Body Types:

  • Women with so called pear-shaped body who have large thighs, bottoms, or legs should make an accent on the top part of their body. A pair of solid bottoms with bright colored top will be the best choice for them.
  • Women with large stomach, chests, or shoulders have the so called apple-shaped body. Tummy trimming swimsuits with bright prints will hide everything that should be hidden. Swim dresses are the best choices for them.
  • If you are a happy owner of a slim waist, you definitely should accent it. Focus the attention to your waist with the help of colors, belts, and prints. Give your preference for one-piece plus size swimsuits with a bright top and unusual design.
  • Large-busted women should accent their attention on the swimsuits that will provide a proper comfort and support. Choose a top with sturdy straps that will draw attention to the chests.

Where to Find Best Plus Size Bathing Suits?

1) If you have already decided what kind of plus size swimwear you want to get, the first place, where you will look for it, is a local store probably. Yep, it is the most common decision that most of the girls do.

If you do not want to buy a plus size clothing item because of those few extra kilos you have got recently, realize that a swimsuit is an important apparel item that is worn to lie on the beach in summer.

In this case you simply need to look at this mysterious plus size swimwear. But if you think that this swimsuit is something that will make you feel uncomfortable, you have the wrong idea of it.

If it is your story, do not waste time anymore and go to the local store. You have no guarantee that you will find something good, let’s face the truth, but at least you will understand what you are looking for.

But, practice proves that mostly you will find tiny bikinis that will not fit you and will become a spoilsport for the rest of your day. If you have already had such an experience, it is better to make a next step.

2) The next place where you can try your fortune are specialty stores that specialize in plus size clothing for women. At these stores, you will definitely find many interesting apparel items for yourself and probably buy something that is worth your attention. At the same time, doubly you will buy a swimsuit that will be exclusive or fashionable.

Often in such stores, swimming merchandise is marked by its usability and functionality, but an aesthetic component. Moreover, you will hardly find many different models. Mostly, in these stores, swimming clothing goes in the same styles and colors.

Maybe you are lucky enough to find a local store that specializes only in the plus size swimming clothing. It is a rare luck and not all of us are ready to spend so much time searching for such a store. Take into account the time that you will waste on the road, and then think how depressed you will be walking out of every store if there is no clothing you are looking for…

Moreover, in such stores swimwear usually will cost you a lot. Many women are looking for a cheap swimsuit because they want to buy it just for a holiday and they are not ready to pay huge sums for it. Yep, it is not the easiest way.

3) Probably the easiest and fastest way to find a good plus size swimsuit that will please your eye is to look for it via the web. Online retailers will be the best option for those looking for plus size swimwear.

You will be really pleased to see great numerous of different colors and plus size models. It is very common that local stores often offer plus size swimsuits in dark colors. For people with bright individuality it will be really unusual to buy a dark colored swimsuit if only it is not the fashion trend in this season.

In the online shop you will find plus size bathing suits that will fit you well (you can always get the right size, because a good online retailer places the size table on a site preventing you from making a mistake).

The variety of models will be good news for everyone – you will hardly find more different designs in a local store. Not the last reason to choose an online shop is a low price because we all remember that the best way to save money is to buy what you are looking for via the web.

So, if you have already been in the local stores or specialty plus size shops, or if you think that you simply do not need to waste your time visiting these shops and want to start your searches from online shopping, you are in the right place.

Nowadays wasting time in the shops is becoming a relic of the past if you can find everything that you need via the web sitting in your own living room with the cup of good tea or something like that.

Since you are browsing our Plus Size Swimwear Shop, the most important thing that you need to know about our company: we think that the most pleasant and memorable time in our life all of us spend wearing a swimsuit.

We understand the importance of your comfort and make sure that good swimsuits will provide you with needed comfort easily. Our main goal is to make your time that you will spend wearing our swimsuits better and happier.

What Do We Offer Our Clients?

  • Great design. One of our missions is to help you find a plus size swimsuit that will make you feel comfortable. Our clothing will help you reflect your individuality and create your personal style. We promise to replace shopping-dread that you probably have already seen in the local stores or on other women with 100% satisfaction. In order to implement this plan, we created a great customer support service and return and exchange service.
  • Style for everyone. We understand that every customer wants not only to look good in her swimwear, but also to save her individuality. We always provide a superb design and fashion. One of our mottos: we will give you what you deserve.
  • Smile is the best jewelry for women. We truly are proud of our reputation that we have already gained on the web. The best achievement of our work is a satisfied client. Our target is to make the wearing of a swimsuit a source of pride and the shopping for it a source of pleasure.
  • Swimming is a sexy reality. Our products will help you feel sexy. When you wear our plus size swimwear you will still be attractive and beautiful. Even if you have forgotten when you have this feeling earlier.

We tried to do everything to make our cooperation pleasant for you. If you are looking for something particular, you should use our search filters to concentrate your attention on the needed size, style, or silhouette.

If you need some consultation or have any questions, you may contact us. Our customer support team will answer your every question with a great pleasure. If you are not sure that you will choose the right size, no worries, because our plus size swimsuits are true to size. But, to prevent any mistakes, we placed size charts l on every specific product page.

Plus Size Bathing Suits – 2020 Collections

Women’s plus size bathing suits are categorized into one-piece and two-piece suits. You may find various styles and designs for each body type. For instance, the bikini, a two-piece plus size bathing suit for women, can be classified into the tankini, thong, or G-string. One-piece plus size bathing suits come in the following designs: monokini, sling bikini, string body, and halter-neck.

Among the two-piece bathing suits, the bikini is the most popular swimming clothing items among women. The tankini is a two-piece bathing suit for women with the top that is often referred to a tank top. It extends downward to someplace between the navel and the top of the hips, and is less unclosed than a regular bikini top.

The G-string is one of the fastest-selling swimsuit styles nowadays. It appeared in 1970 in Brazil and now has other variants such as the T-back, V-string, and thong.

Find a Great Bathing Suit for Yourself

The monokini is a one-piece bathing suit that appeared in 1967. It is a topless bathing suit for women and which consists of only the lower piece of the bikini. The monokini is a type of the two-piece bikini swimming suit that may be used to belong to the sling bikini.

The sling bikini draws attention of many women around the world. It consists of side straps which cover the bust. Then these straps go over the shoulders and then down to the back in order to form a thong. The advantage of the sling bikini is in its comfort and the possibility to combine the top and the bottom pieces into one.

Other forms of one-piece bathing suits for women consist of string bodies, maillots, tanksuits, halter-necks, pretzel suits, and plunge fronts.

Women’s Plus Size Bathing Suits To Suit Your Shape

Shopping for women’s plus size bathing suits can be challenging, because most women consider that bathing swimwear suits only women who has the ideal hourglass figure. This is not true. We provide many swimsuit options for oversize bathing swimsuits, in which you will look perfect with your own body type.

You may wear one- or two-piece suits if you have large hips, but in this case we recommend you to choose solid colors for the bottom in order to add more emphasis to the top part of your body. Keep in mind that high-cut legs accentuate the hips, so try to wear low-cut legged suits.

If you are looking for a plus size bathing suit, then pay attention to string bikinis. Try to wear medium or high-cut legs, and choose bathing suits with wide straps if your bust and shoulders are broader than your hips.

Place an emphasis on the color and texture of the bottom. Avoid mini bottoms and plunging necklines. You should take into consideration square necks. Moreover, avoid suits that reveal your thighs. The cut out bathing suit is also perfect for you.

If you want to buy a one-piece suit, look for the princess and piping seams, which provide the effect of giving extra curves. Choose bold colors.

Tips for Buying the Best Over Size Bathing Suit for Yourself

If you’re looking for a bathing suit to fit your full figure, here you may find some great tips to follow.

  • Keep Away From Boy Cuts: Many women choose them because there is an added material in boy cut shorts. Thus, it will cover up unwanted leg areas. Unfortunately, boy shorts draw attention to your leg and make your thigh look larger.
  • Select Skirts or Swim Shorts for Larger Legs: You can use the extra coverage by wearing a skirt or a pair of shorts over your bathing suit, because shorts and skirts that should be worn in the water provide the permanent coverage.
  • Use Dark Colors: It is a known fact that dark colors provide a slimming effect. You do not need to buy a black bathing suit, but picking on a color that is dark or a combination of dark colors will mask the undesirable areas of your body. Keep out of pastels and light colors, which bring out the areas that you don’t want to be seen.
  • Order the Right Size: Very often you are tempted to buy a bathing suit that is rather bigger than you need it to be. The bathing suits should cling to the skin; many women think that the larger size will make them look slimmer. Truly, a larger size bathing suit will hang down and never look good. Too big bathing suits will add bulk to your figure.
  • Pay Attention to Your Positives: With the right suit, any women may hide her less favorable traits by improving her best ones. If you have a great chest, choose bathing suits that emphasize your breasts.
  • Break A Body Up: Breaking your body up can cause a visual distraction. For this reason, you need to look for bathing suits with belts or ties around the tummy or right under the breasts. Also, you may wear popular tankinis that offer the advantage of a two piece suit with the coverage of a one piece suit.

While choosing a bathing suit, there are more factors to consider. The right style, fit, and material make all the difference. As we know, plus size women have different demands for a bathing suit. The design of a bathing suit can hide or enhance her body shape. A ruffle skirt added to a one-piece suit can balance the shape and make you feel more comfortable.

Another “trick” that designers use is the pattern. This placed pattern can fool the eye and make the woman look less full-figured. Vertical patterns and strips accomplish this. Many plus size women prefer bathing suits that combine a tummy control or girdle.

Taste in bathing suits’ designs tends to change with the years. Color choice, styles, and patterns that are interesting for young ladies may not be as interesting for their mothers or grandmothers – and vice-versa. That is why the women’s bathing suits always go in a great variety of styles, shapes, and designs.

Do not forget that your plus size bathing suits should match your style, your figure, and activity. If you are going down to a water slide, try to wear a one-piece bathing suit! You may keep contemporary trends along with retro trends. To order the best bathing suit, visit our website and order a plus size suit in which you will feel confident, free, and stylish.

How to Start Buying?

Hope that you have already understood that our online shop is the best choice for you. In this case you need to know where to start making an order.

If you have already chosen a swimsuit that you want to buy, it is time for you to create your own account. It is not an optional condition; you can make an order without it.

Having your account created will give you an opportunity to track your order next time (we are sure that you will order our swimsuits more times). With your own account, you will make your orders even faster, because your billing information and address have been already saved.

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We understand the nowadays we are in the condition of a tough competition; that is why we do not hunt for clients. We understand that a huge number of unsatisfied clients will not shop at our online store anymore and everything that we will get is an irredeemably spoiled reputation.

One of our main goals is to make you our regular customer. We do not know each other yet, but you need to remember that we want us to become your favorite online store and we will definitely do everything needed.

You will hardly find another online store with such high level of service and democratic prices. As for us, we will not find such a costumer like you.

Every woman that has bought a plus size bathing suit at our online shop had a separate story. And we always strive to create a happy ending for this story.

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Plus Size Swimwear 2020 Collection

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