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Plus Size Shortinis

We all like summer and every year wait for it season with great impatience. Even those who do not fond of sunbathing or think that in the summer too hot, still will spend at least a few days at the beach near the water or will go to a swimming pool.

Of course, you will decide to renew your wardrobe and think about the new swimsuit. Sometimes women spend the whole day in shopping and do not think that it is wasting time. Really, who could think, that looking for a perfect swim wear, that will make you a queen on the beach could be time wasted. I almost sure, that nobody.

But, if you are a lady of plus size, shopping could be not as pleasant time for you, as it should be. And the reason is not your size, but lack of really good models, that will be at the same time good looking, will make you feel comfortable and will be stylish at the same time.

A huge amount of different models for plus size is available now. There are bikini, tankini, skirtini, shortini and many others. Almost all models designed to help you to hide figure flaws and to concentrate the attention on the best part of your body. If you are the plus size, you definitely know the type of your body and should understand what will fit you the most.

Body Types:

  • Pear-shaped body type, when your hips are rather bigger than shoulders;
  • Apple-shaped body type, when you have a belly that you want to hide;
  • Straight body type, when your hips and bust the same size and the waist are a little smaller than the hips and bust;
  • Hourglass body type, when your waist is nice defined, and your hips and shoulders are the same size;
  • Inverted triangle body type, when you have big shoulders and small hips;
  • Top hourglass body type, when you have a big bust and small hips;

Shortini is a Perfect Choice for Plus Size Women

If you are a happy owner of a pear-shaped body type, you need to remember, if you did not know about it yet: the best choice for you will be a shortini. It is a great choice if you are an active woman and do not want simply lay on the beach. It would be very comfortable for any kinds of activities, and you will feel yourself really confident. It would be the best present for your inner tomboy.

Shortini will provide an extra cover for your thighs and hips. Usually shortini consists of black bottom and bright colored top. But it is not the indisputable rule. You may create your own unique style, if will combine top and bottom from different collection, or give a preference to bright bottom, or maybe will choose a monochromatic model – it all depends on you and your imagination. Usually this model looks like flattering shorts and tank top that will give an opportunity to make a little walk near the beach without any shy.

If you a plus size woman, it does not mean at all that you need to forget about the swim cloth of the latest collection! You are worth to have only the best! Thanks God, nowadays you will not have a problem with having your size, even if we are talking about the local store near your house. But if size is not the only thing that is important for you, if you are looking a particular model, of particular color and you want to get fashionable thing, you probably need to look for it via the web.

Especially it is important when you want buy a combine shortini that will differ you from others. In most local shops you will not have such opportunity, but for online shops it is a usual practice. One more thing that will be a pleasant surprise, when you will look for your shortini via the web, the latest collection that you will see. Internet shop owners understand that some people are still a little afraid to buy cloth on the net, so they are doing everything that they could provide their clients only the most stylish swimwear.

Our swim wear online shop, prepared a few more pleasant surprises that will help you to understand that we are the best choice among the others.

Advantages That We Offer to Our Customers:

  • We have created a great customer support service that will help you to forget that you are buying something via the web. You will be able to get the detailed consultation or every question that you could have, no matter, connected it with the site work or with your desire to combine shortini from different collection – we are always ready to help you.
  • You will be really pleased to see all those models that we have. We understand that every person is unique and respect your desire to find something that will reflect your individuality. If our customer will feel her comfortable and relax in our swim wear our work will be done. If when you are looking in the mirror and have a smile on your face – then our mission on the satisfaction clients desires are complete.
  • We remember all the time that woman is the most incredible creature on the Earth. That is why we want to make all our customers feel themselves sexy in our plus size shortinis. No matter what size you are wearing, you worthy to look sexy and seductive and our goal is to help you in this field.
  • The swim cloth, that you will buy in our online shop, will not cost you a cost you a fortune, because we try to provide our clients the most democratic price. So, buy a high quality plus size shortini cheap – it is not a fairy tale, it is a reality of our shop.

Where Should You Start?

Hope that you already understand that finding our site was nothing else, than a great luck. Since you decided to buy your shortini here, you probably need to create an account. Your personal information will be in a completely safe, and when you will need to make an order the next time, you will not need to waste extra time, because your billing information and address will be already saved.

But if you still do not want to create any account, we respect your decision and you still could make an order. In any case you will need to use our site, and, if you already know what you want, you may use filters, that will save your time.