Plus Size Tankinis

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The Tankini represents a two piece swimsuit with a long torso, which is great for covering the belly. This swimsuit is affordable with style bottoms or shorts. Tankini swimsuit is a wonderful solution for women who do not like to expose but want to look stylish. It is very comfortable and gives you a desirable coverage. Moreover, it is a good replacement of bikini and provides convenience of one-piece as well as concealing of a two-piece. Tankini swimsuit includes bikini bottoms and tank-tops. If you are an active person and can’t leave without water sports and swimming, beach volley-ball, water-skiing or windsurfing, Tankini is destined to you! Those women, who want to wear a bikini but cannot do this due to their figure, can wear this swimsuit. This is why it is also called the ultimate bikini. Tankinis are also perfect for pregnant women because they are comfortable and are often used as maternity beachwear. Takini swimwear will make you look very fashionable and stylish!

Tankini Swimwear - What Do We Know About This?

A lot of people are looking for plus size clothing. This summer, extra size tankini swimwear will be one of the most popular plus size bathing suits. Now, larger women can wear the same style of swimsuit as smaller women. Fashionable clothes are available in all sizes, not just the tiny ones! Nowadays, oversize market is doing better than ever! That is why women of every body shape are welcome to buy the latest styles of swimsuits. Don't be afraid of wearing plus size swimwear. Plus sized women do not need to suffer through wearing unflattering and shapeless swimwear, as the fashion world designs trendy clothes for all sizes. This plus size swim apparel allows you to choose the characteristics that you need to flatter, enhance and control your body. Sizable swimsuits are designed to allow women to lie on the beaches and enjoy the summer with their family and friends.

Tankini Swimwear Gives Confidence and Flatters Your Shape

We suggest the designed Tankini beachwear is a two-piece suit, which gives the coverage of a one-piece suit! Many designers have included a plus size line of swimsuits for enjoying swimming season again and again. Our large-sized Tankini is designed for those women who have anxieties about going to the beach. We offer cinched sides with ties for tying up the top to any length you wish. This style of apparel allows ladies to cover more while keeping pace with the fashion of today's beaches. While searching at our website you do not need to worry because you are the only person who can see what you are looking at. We offer you a secure online ordering. Many of the large in size suits are discounted. Tankini swimsuits are made in such a way that they give plus size support in the bust area and add slimming qualities in the hip areas and tummy. The one-piece form of support is constrictive if you are a large breasted woman and the straps can cut into your shoulders. With the tankini you will never have these problems. Many designers place their names on the labels of Tankini swimsuits. Delta Burke has designed a line of women's plus size tankinis with her very own light of colors to them. A line with the tropical beaches of Hawaii belongs to Leilani. Many of their bathing models are supportive and flattering. Women no long have to feel insecure about wearing swimsuits. Our company suggests plus size tankini with adjustable sides for improving your comfort. It’s designed according to your proportions with a tummy support. You’ll love the way it feels and fits to you! A supportive tank top has a soft cups, sweetheart neck, adjustable drawstring sides and adjustable straps. The material is very soft and consists of nylon/spandex tricot.

Four Types of Tankini Swimwear

The tankini swimwear is growing very fast in popularity as because its concept is very flexible, the number of its types keeps growing. There are 4 types of tankini swimwear:
  • Halter tankinis;
  • Apron tankinis;
  • Underwire tankinis;
  • Boy short tankinis;
Let’s see and consider the differences between these four types of tankini swimsuits. Halter tankini swimsuits are among the most popular designs! They look good on most women. They are fond of innovation and sophisticated designs. Apron tankinis represent a banded top with drapes, which cover the front binary form section in an apron-like manner. Your appearance becomes appalling if the drapes are made of natural fabric or in patterns that accentuate good points of your figure. The apron tankini demonstrates more skin than the traditional tankini as it shows your back uncovered. The string ties and the top band touch the back. Most apron tankini have smooth fabrics, prints, laces, sleek fabrics and different colors. Underwire tankinis offer the benefits of two-piece swimsuits. They also support the breasts and cover the midsection. They provide an appearance of a one-piece bathing suit if its top and bottom have a unique look. The underwire swimwear suits women who have large breasts that need constant support and who choose to cover the midsection. It is also the choice number one for younger women who do not like to demonstrate much of their skin and do not like to take advantage of beach cover-ups. As many tankinis are sold separately, you can choose bottom styles that enhance the hips, thighs, or butt. Boy short tankinis compose of shortened tank tops and shorts, which cover the hips, belly and thigh. They appear as two pieces and are perfect for women who want to feel comfort and corresponding cover while they enjoy water-based recreation. The tank tops cover much of the belly and they supply some gleam of the middle section, representing the image of a two-piece swimsuit. The boy shorts give more cover and are ideal for new mothers or women who have not got enough time to pull up their bodies yet. Eventually, the tankini swimsuit item is perfect for further innovation. The tops and bottoms of tankinis can be mixed in different color schemes and various looks. Also, a tankini top can be paired with a bikini bottom or if it is a halter top, it can be paired with a boy short bottom.