Plus Size Shorts

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Plus Size Shorts

Plus-sized people very often encounter problems finding clothes that are comfortable, stylish and functional at the same time. The reason is that society popularises the so-called “acceptable” sizes and most manufacturers of fashionable clothes just give in.

The point of view that proclaims skinny models as the standard tape measurement for all other clothes is highly erroneous. This has been proved by manufacturers of plus-size clothes. Thanks to them people of all sizes (both men and women) can get flattering clothes that only emphasise their advantages. A great example of functional and stylish plus-size apparel is plus-size shorts that will look appropriate on almost any occasion.

You may be surprised but shorts can look good not only on slim and skinny people. A correctly chosen pair of plus-size shorts will adorn a woman of full forms. You no longer have to hide your curves under layers of fabrics when there are shorts – smart and flattering. They are a must-have for any wardrobe, especially in spring and summer.

How to Pick Up a Perfect Pair of Plus Size Shorts

To find a pair of plus-size shorts that will suit personally you, follow our simple step-by-step guidelines and the result will not take long to appear.

Step 1: Determine the length of your shorts

You can look most flatteringly wearing a pair of knee-length shorts or those that resemble capris in that they go even lower. If you want to compensate for the fullness of your legs, opt for straight-cut capris. Together with low-heeled sandals, they look absolutely wonderful.

However, in case you can boast your legs, why not emphasise them by selecting a pair of shorts that are a-few-inches-above-the-knee- or mid-thigh length. Such shorts may be worn with flip-flops or sneakers for the sake of casual atmosphere.

If you still doubt which length to decide for, conduct a very simple experiment. Arrange your arms at your sides. Where the tips of your fingers touch your thigh is the minimum length of your plus-size shorts.

Step 2: Consider the width of your legs

Pear-shaped women with fuller thighs should avoid choosing too fitted shorts as they will emphasise your thighs. Opt for the shorts that fit the widest point of your thighs and then go straight down. Thus you will show the best of your figure.

Step 3: Select the material

It is vital for plus-sized people to pay attention to the material and construction of shorts. Thick and durable fabrics will help you disguise excessive curves and preserve the shape of the garment. Finer fabrics will allow more air circulation and ensure the feeling of lightness and freedom yet they can wrinkle and look untidy after wearing them for a few hours. Besides, light-coloured shorts made of thinner materials can show off too much of your flesh due to their transparency.

The most versatile fabric used in clothes production is, certainly, denim. The production of plus-size shorts is not an exception. In addition to its versatility, denim is extraordinary durable and easy to wear.

As soon as you already possess a pair of nice denim shorts, try choosing other materials based on what season it is and what exactly you need. In summer it is very comfortable to wear cotton or linen shorts, besides they look stunning. Various board shorts dry fast and, thus, are ideal for the beach.

Step 4: Pay attention to the pockets

When the choice is between shorts with pockets and those with no pockets, the favourite is just obvious. Very often you wear shorts when going out quickly, and so you only need your purse, your mobile and the bunch of keys. Yet be careful with inside and back pockets: they may make you look bigger than you are if you put too bulky items or too many things in them. Remember that when deciding in favour of cropped cargo pants.

If your hips are broad compared to your whole body, refrain from purchasing shorts with side pockets. Side pockets, pleated and balloon-like in particular, may visually add bulk to your hips. Therefore, do not choose them unless they suit the shape of your body.

Step 5: Think of the accessories

Accessories that most often occur on shorts include buttons and zippers. To keep your shorts up comfortable and neat, pick up jean or snap buttons and zippers. An otherwise plain and boring pair of shorts will gain its own character if the above-mentioned accessories are used as decorations.

It is a smart idea to select shorts with suspenders on the back of your waist. The ruche on the back formed by a suspender will help your bottom look rounder. People with full legs will look great with elastics on the bottom of the shorts.

Step 6: Choose the colour

Shorts usually come in basic colours that visually improve your figure. Solid dark colours have a slimming effect, so opt for them if only your body type is not an inverted triangle. Otherwise, you had better choose either pastel colours or fun and flirty floral prints. Plaid shorts look smart and trendy while white is a perfect variant for demonstrating tanned legs.

Step 7: Try the would-be-yours pair of shorts on

When you narrow down your choice to a few pairs, make sure you carefully try them on! It is compulsory because shorts, as well as any clothes, may look awesome on the display but totally awful on you. When you find a pair that suits you, you may start prancing!

Bermuda Plus-Size Shorts

Bermuda shorts are a subcategory of plus-size shorts. They are extremely functional and can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. Bermuda shorts will definitely look appropriate on a casual party. In addition to this, when supplemented with suitable accessories they will perfectly fit into a more formal setting.

Choose bright colours and prints for casual wear and classy pastel colours with sparkly jewellery for formal wear. Plainly printed Bermuda shorts are easily combined with printed shirts or T-shirts depending on the style of the party or place you visit. Bermuda shorts cannot completely substitute suits or fancy dresses, but their casual elegancy will come to the point on a dinner date in the downtown.

Is it already summer and you torture yourself wearing hot pants? Forget about too much heat and sweat with a pair of plus-size shorts! Wear them on the beach, in the city and even for more formal occasions! Shop online on our site and get huge discounts for the most fashionable plus-size shorts in this season!