Swimsuit Styles for Best Tan Lines

plus size swimwear

There is no secret that tan lines can look ugly, silly, and distracting. However, with so many swimsuit styles, there is a chance to minimize tan lines. Always choose a swimsuit that fits your body shape well first before choosing something based on tan lines.

Looking your best is the most important tip for hot days. Remember, the best swimwear for swimming may be different than those for sunbathing.

Triangle Bikini Top

This type is more modest than other available options and gives a woman the opportunity of adjusting a top to minimize tan lines. A triangle top usually goes with adjustable spaghetti straps, which tie at both the back and the neck.

Wearing a triangle bikini top you can adjust it for less coverage and untie the straps at the back or neck when needed.

Tie Side Bikini Bottom

A tie side bikini bottom minimizes tan lines around the thighs and hips. However, this swimsuit piece is not designed to be worn by modest ladies as it offers minimal coverage.

Many women like to wear it because they can move the swimsuit around as needed minimizing their tan lines.

Bandeau Top

A bandeau-style swimsuit top usually has no straps or features removable spaghetti straps. Even if you like to wear the straps for more coverage or lift, you will still have minimal tan lines on your body.

The top features a narrow band on the back, so there will be not many tan lines. It also provides an opportunity to unfasten or tie the band to get a base tan and avoid white versus brown skin.


tankini that features a bandeau top may be a great option for modest women and girls. A tankini is also a perfect choice for plus size women who do not want to show off much skin. The bandeau top offers minimal tan lines on the shoulders and chest.

The top can come in any variation. However side tie bottoms or boy shorts are optimal as far as high cut briefs or skirted bottoms can create large and strange tan lines that look silly.

Tan Through Swimwear

This new technology offers a unique material that provides a perfect tan directly through the swimsuit. It will give the wearers a fabulous all-over glowing tan that they want without the direct sun exposure or distracting tan lines.

Things to Remember

Swimwear accessories such as sunglasses, sandals, beach bags, and bangles can create very large tan lines that are hard to correct. Do not wear large jewelries as they can cause a strange tan line on your skin. Finally, wear your hair high on the head as far as braids and ponytails can also create tan lines on the shoulders, back of the neck, or back.