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Swimsuit Cover Ups | Bathing Suit Cover Ups

Swimsuit cover-ups are a must-have accessory if you are thinking about your beach or pool apparel. Wearing a cover-up will give the sense of security even to those who are not eager to demonstrate all of their assets in public.

A plus-size swimsuit cover-up perfectly succeeds in concealing possible imperfections of your body notwithstanding whether you are lie luxuriating on a sandy beach or walking around the pool. A beach or pool outfit augmented with a cover-up gives the impression of modesty on the one hand and sophistication on the other.

Swimwear designers and manufacturers try to cater to all tastes so bathing suit cover-ups are available in a wide selection of styles, designs, colours and sizes. Select the one that matches the colour of your bathing suit or, vice versa, contrasts it. This will help you to improve the look you have decided for on this particular day, and give you the air of classiness and style.

Types of Swimsuit Cover Ups

Swimsuit cover-ups including the plus-size ones comprise such garments as sarongs, tunics or kaftans, tie-dye oversize shirts, two-piece combinations of tops and pants, shorts or skirts, rompers, various dresses (maxi, smock, strapless, Hawaiian mini dresses), Kimonos, Hoodies, and many others. Let us consider them in more detail.

Swimsuit Sarong

The sarong is, perhaps, the most favourite beach garment after the swimsuit. Traditionally, the sarong is tied around the waist, thus offering thigh-, knee- or ankle-length body coverage. Both regular and plus-size sarongs are produced from soft natural fabrics that feel delicate on the skin. Besides being really versatile, sarongs do not require special care. With this piece of beach clothing on you will definitely look elegant and smart!

However, you should take into consideration that sarongs are usually worn alone, with no tops to cover the upper part of your body. If you are not eager to expose so much of your body, you had better think of a suitable top or another bathing suit cover-up.

Beach Tunic

Tunics are hardly less popular than sarongs and are an ideal alternative for those holiday-makers who want to cover their body without feeling overdressed. Tunics are represented in various colours, patterns, sizes (including plus-size ones) and materials. It is advisable to choose a tunic cover-up made of natural sheer fabrics. This will guarantee proper air circulation around your body and prevent you from excessive sweating. Moreover, you will look sexy while being dressed! Such effect can be explained by the fact that it leaves your legs exposed and as a result they look lengthy even if they are really not.

Beach Kaftan

Kaftans have only recently entered the swimsuit cover-ups market and have already found their target audience. They are to some extent similar to tunics and ensure the same comfortable coverage so many people are looking for. A kaftan is a long, wide sleeved swimwear item fitted with a sash or a belt for closure. Wearing it on a sandy beach or at a pool, you will outshine all other female vacationers! Plus-size kaftans will excellently suit women whose assets need especially careful coverage.

Beach Pants

Beach pants are different from the usual pair of pants. These are designed as extremely comfortable and light beach apparel and can effortlessly be cuffed at the foot. A lot of beach pants are equipped with an elastic waistband very similar to beach shorts. It is a comfortable option that offers another alternative in case you are searching for a way to cover areas you do not want open to a stranger’s eye.


This casual wear trend can be described as a unique combination of shorts and a top in one piece of clothing. It can be either strapless or halter style. Rompers make ideal swimsuit cover-ups protecting you from the beach sand. Materials usually utilized in the production of rompers are cotton, terry cloth and lycra-spandex. Conventionally rompers are one-colour clothes but there are some adorned with floral, animalistic or geometric ornaments. The majority of modern rompers are available in bright and neutral colours.

Smock Dress

The next swimsuit cover-up on the list is the smock dress. A smock dress is a kind of a strapless dress that tightly fits the chest circumference and then flows down in a very loose and casual manner. Smock dresses and halter dresses are still a common form of swimwear cover-up. There are so many bold designs and colours, so many styles that you will undoubtedly find one to suit your personal summer fashion. A smock dress can not only make an outstanding beach cover-up, but it can also be worn as self-sufficient casual attire.

Maxi Dress

Despite the common opinion that it is appropriate to wear a maxi dress mostly on special occasions, in fact it is the embodiment of casual wear. A maxi dress is a multifunctional garment that can be worn both in everyday life and as a swimsuit cover-up. Taller women can pair a maxi dress with a nice pair of flip-flops while those who are on the shorter side are recommended to compensate for the height difference with the help of wedge heels.

Tips on Choosing a Perfect Cover Up

Finding a cover-up for your swimsuit may seem and easier deal than it really is. What you need to look for is the one that will emphasise the positive and hide or at least reduce the negative aspects of your physique.

There are four main areas of the body that should be taken into consideration while choosing a standard or a plus-size swimsuit cover-up. They are the upper arms, the bust, the tummy and the thighs.

Upper Arm Areas

Do you think that your arms are problematic areas? If yes, decide in favour of tunics with kimono-like sleeves. They will ensure that your skin is open to the air and give your arms the desired coverage.

The Bust Area

Do not worry if your bust is too large or too small. In both cases it is possible to look attractive, you should only know how to put the right accents.

In the first case, you may want to minimize your bust. Why not use dark colours, for instance, black, or vertical patterns? Mind that your top should be completely covered. For this purpose you can wear a v-cut neck that ends at the cleavage, thus drawing everyone’s attention away from your bust to your whole shape.

On the other hand, if you want to draw attention to your bust and maximize it, opt for a deep or wide neckline. Together with light materials and bold colours it will visually enhance your bust, while shorter sleeves will highlight your natural beauty.

The Tummy Area

A few extra bulges in the tummy area can be concealed by vivid colours or ornaments. Having a loose tunic-style cover-up with a higher hemline is a must as thus you will show your wonderful legs. A T-shirt is inappropriate for this purpose because instead of hiding your tummy, it will emphasise it.

The Thighs

The problem of too prominent thighs is easily solved with the help of a longer hemline. Yet refuse from wearing a long old T-shirt. Try a button down men's shirt for women instead. In this way you will distract people from your thighs.

As you can see, the main aim of a swimsuit cover-up is to accentuate positive features and hide negative ones. Keep these tips in mind while shopping for your next holiday, and you will look just awesome in an ideal bathing suit cover-up!