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Swim & Sun Plus Size Swimwear

Each year in early May, most of the girls around the world are beginning to follow the well-known proverb "Make provision for a rainy day beforehand" literally plying the searchers with issues "Swimwear Fashion Trends Next Year". There is no exception at the season of this year when the information about the fashion trends of the year 2014 started appearing. Sea.... sun, wave caresses the body... and here you must not miscalculate the selection and buy exactly the swimsuit that suits your style and makes it irresistible possessor in the eyes of others. So, what a unique and well-liked brand Swim & Sun is preparing for us this year? Swim & Sun offers a line of fashionable plus size swimwear 2014 of the chaste styles and pastel shades, corresponding to the most fashionable colors of the coming season: solid color, cell colors, shades of blue, leopard color, black and white, etc.

Swim & Sun 2014 Swimsuit Collections

2014 at the Swim & Sun is no exception for swimwear in terms of trends development "wearing a belt almost with every detail of the wardrobe", so if you want to highlight –plus size swimwear Swim & Sun is for you! One piece swimwear Swim & Sun tighten figure, lengthen legs and camouflage some of the nuances when available. Among the most promising styles the brand offers swimwear in the 50ies style with a sleep bottom or high neck and a small cut- throat. Swim & Sun presents us such popular plus size separate swimwear 2014 as «Bando», that is strapless bikini and “Bikini” - low drawstring pants and bra - triangles. Panties are as high shorts. Particularly stylish look monochrome swimwear Swim & Sun, which is always in fashion at any time and in any style. Another popular model of Swim & Sun has become monokini, with a great variety of options. Sports style is so popular that it is often put in the section ‘out of fashion’. Convenient and practical, this swimsuit at Swim & Sun suit girls of magnificent forms preferring concise models. Beach - this is a great opportunity to show others your taste in clothes, but wishing to buy a swimsuit, do not forget about enjoying the simple things such as the sun, the sea and the warm sand. Purchase from our online store unforgettable and unique models of plus size swimsuits by Swim & Sun brand at the best prices and comfortable conditions and you will be pleased with yourself, sun, sea and warm sand.