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Becca Plus Size Swimwear

Rebecca Virtue hails from California and is a talented designer and creator of unique brand Becca, compelling collection of swimwear, making girls figures memorable and excellent. Becca Swimwear underline your individuality and Becca plus size swimwear will make your figure the most flawless.

The main aim of the company has always been maintaining a high quality of its products. Becca Swimwear serves for many years and let you feel special. Meet in 2014 the following collections: classic, bikini collection on a large chest, piece swimsuits. In our online shop you may buy or order the model you like of this famous company.


Soft, dense and elastic material is as a double cloth primarily used for the production of swimwear. Due to the high quality this stretch material gives a form to the figure, keeping a sense of comfort. Resistance to chlorine and UV UVA (50 +), as well as quick drying long time provide amenity of use.


Riviera ™ is the new line of materials used for swimwear. Due to its resistance to UV radiation, chlorine or sweating, it is primarily intended for active people. Soft to the touch, perfectly adapts to the shape of the body, while providing a high level of comfort and convenience.


For the production of swimwear Becca are used the cups of the highest quality. Thanks to special 3D technologies, their unusually soft and durable structure gives the perfect shape of the breast and do not deform over time or because of the intensity of use. These cups do not absorb water, so they are very light and tender to the touch, and at the same time perfectly simulate breasts.


Very soft and pleasant to the touch fabric with a crystal shine. Maintaining the highest performance plus shine, it is the most elegant new line of swimwear. The innovative technology of this tissue also is characterized by an increased resistance to sunlight, wear resistance and superior color retention.


Swimwear line modeling a shape was created for women who want to correct the imperfection of their shapes while maintaining a sense of comfort and freedom of movement. It provides suitable selected styles of swimsuits, paper-clipped reinforcing mesh and elastic pads. Refined details of this line and suitable chosen color options, any woman will feel sensual and exclusively.

Becca swimwear models are unique and inimitable; they are always different with vibrant colors, sharply angled patterns, unusual shapes and cutouts! Be in Becca and stand out on the beach! Our shop will provide you with a help and advice in choosing any convenient way for you! The best conditions for you are here!