How To Look Sexy In A One Piece Swimsuit

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These Aren’t Your Mother’s Bathing Suit: How To Look Sexy In A One Piece Swimsuit

Most women think that the only hot swimwear style is the bikini. They have been ingrafted by fashion magazines to think that if they want to look sexy they have to wear bikinis. In fact, showing off more skin is not the only way to look hot in a swimsuit.

Leaving something to the imagination can look much better than baring it all in a bikini. Picking a one piece swimsuit or a swimdress can turn heads and make you look hotter under the shining sun. There are various one piece swimsuit designs and styles that will make you look sexy.

Looking Good in a One Piece Swimsuit is All About Curves

Feminine curves are amazingly sexy. So when you wear a one piece swimsuit your goal should be to accentuate your piquant curves. The design of one piece swimwear hugs your curves, making them stand out proudly. If you have got that an hourglass figure type, stick to bathing suits without patterns.

Of course not all women are blessed to have such feminine curves like Sofia Vergara. In fact, one piece suits are still perfect for you! If you have got a boyish figure, do not worry and stick to a swimdress with a flirty bottom. The empire cut out of a swimdress work amazingly at creating the illusion of having a feminine figure.

Show Some Skin

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There are several ways for a one piece swimsuit to be designed to provide optimum skin exposure, leaving that seductive something to the imagination. For example, a plunging neckline is great for revealing some cleavage. It also serves another purpose, drawing the eye away from the troubling tummy area.

Instead of a Brazilian cut bottom, choose a scoop one. These maillot bottoms accentuate your curves, giving you a moderate coverage. Some of these one piece swimsuits feature some cut out areas on the back or cleavage that help diversify straight lines and accentuate your body curves.

Cover Your Flaws

Many women suffer from surgical scars or stretch marks. Wearing a one piece swimsuit gives those women a chance to cover them up and still look adorable!

If you have a small bust, wear a swimsuit that features trimmings on the chest. It creates the illusion of larger breasts. If your tummy stick out, put on a control top that is designed to smooth your trouble area.

Sexiness Stands Out, So Be a Standout!

Undoubtedly, black swimsuits are hot. But if every woman on the beach is wearing a black swimsuit, sticking to bright colors will help you draw people’s attention. Try a sexy red swimsuit to bring out your hot appeal.

A deep purple color provides the same slimming effect as a black one. Choose chic and bold patterns like swirls and slashes if you really want to look fabulous. These patterns will definitely bring out your wild side.

Sticking to these tips, you will always look incredibly sexy and hot in a one piece swimsuit. The next time you are shopping for plus size swimwear, look also more ravishing swimdresses, shortinis, skirtinis, and tankinis.