Marilyn Monroe Plus Size Black Convertible Swimdress

68.00 $

Marilyn Monroe Plus Size Black Convertible Swimdress

68.00 $





About Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Plus Size Swimwear

Marilyn Monroe is a Hollywood actress, sex symbol of all time, the most famous blonde in the world. Marilyn has embodied the image of the canonical blonde and dreams of all men during her life.

Unique style of Monroe is exclusively feminine image, a little naive, touching and sexual woman, it is still considered the most desirable way for men.

Cultural heritage and the impact that Marilyn Monroe has had on the look of modern society is compared, perhaps, to the influence of the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley.

Clothing and accessories, issued under the name of the legendary blonde and pop icon Marilyn Monroe, have captivated the fashion world a long time ago. Recently, the Authentic Brands Group Company, which owns the brand Marilyn Monroe, has decided to develop new niche in the fashion world and also to practice the production of swimwear.

Moreover, the brand has also swimwear of large size. New production is established and the results of it you may see in our online store in the widest assortment.

"Marilyn was different - the funny and frivolous one, luxurious and refined, - said Nick Woodhouse, the president of Authentic Brands Group, which owns the rights to use the name and image of Monroe. - In this collection, we will try to reveal all the facets of her image".

Swimsuit Collections 2014

Swimwear collection by Marilyn Monroe is diverse and, in addition, it is sustained in a different style decisions - from glamorous to western, from the smallest to the largest sizes. Different line of swimwear and democratic affordable price.

The main thing in it - it is an opportunity to touch the refined and unforgettable image screen of the star Marilyn Monroe, who adheres to the creators of the collection. Prototypes for this collection have become the real swimsuit models worn by Marilyn in the 60s.

The new collection of swimwear by Marilyn Monroe is now represented in our online store, along with other well-known brands of swimwear, such as Delta Burke, Kenneth ColeBadgley Mischka, Beach BelleLongitude, Becca, Swim & Sun, Swim Sexy, Jessica Simpson, Tropiculture, Michael Kors, Carmen Marc Valvo.

Creating a collection of swimwear by Marilyn Monroe brand is quite natural, because the brand already produces clothing and accessories under the name of your favorite actress and swimwear will be a natural extension of the product range from Marilyn.

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